Non toxic air fryer are safe? The answer is not more important. We are living in pollution. Your health is your most precious asset that you want to protect.

Less oil is healthier option , many of us love fried fries and the crisp of it is mouth watering but have you wonder is it healthy or not ? or how much oil does it contain?

If yes & want some alternative to it then you should consider air fryer and enjoy same taste with low oil and healthier then ever

So what is air fryer ?

Air fryer is simply a magic box which circulate hot air around food at high speed to deep fry your food  without dipping it in oil and this makes air fryer a best alternative to traditional frying.

Just have the life, eat everything and enjoy good food but replace your food to healthier option, so forgot about all oily stuff and have a magic box named Air fryer.

it is safe or not ?

We are living in such century where technology is on its peek and one such invention is non toxic Air fryer , this is just treasure for those who want to eat fried tasty snacks but without consuming oil .

Non toxic air fryer reduce the acrylamide emission and have alternative BPA material which are good when compare to traditional frying.

There are some prons and cons to it and if you want to know more about BPA and want detailed info of benefits of air broiler then check here .


Why to buy air broiler ?

Everyone must have a question that why this portable air fryer, just because  this has so much of overrated values?

No, this product is not overrated but it deserve this lime light, just have a look to these below perks to own it.

All In One

It can Fry, Bake, Toast, Roast, Grill : yes you can grill , it will do all the work perfectly.

Warranty will be available –

It’s always a basic question which every buyer has, that what if product start stops working , will company have any policy to repair and replace, so yes there are warranty.

Temperature control knob –

Low heat to high one, for setting different temperature it has a knob which you can use to set temperature as per requirement of different food items.

 Cool Touch Handle

It has cool touch handle so that it would be safe for     user.

Air filtration system

This makes air fryer most hygienic and healthier option, that means no compromise with health.

Portablity – 

Best for normal use  and easy to Operate, even one can carry anywhere on travel.

We know you People are so fascinated like us that will just search to grab this magic box as soon as possible

You must be thinking in such a crucial time of covid how can we go shop to shop for this

Don’t worry we are careful about your safety and so we are here to give you a proper guide to it  and suggest you the best and safest non toxic air fryer.

Now you have a urge to have a air fryer for you and the best part is you no need to go anywhere to buy this , just place some snacks on table , sit on couch and with your techno mate that is your cell phone, enjoy this shopping journey.

After researching for hour and testing it thoroughly we find the most searched and safest air fryer for you

1.Tefal Actifry AH960840



Tefal is the shrewd mix of hot air and programmed mixing paddle , and you get completely even outcomes since its has programmed temperature control framework and no shaking is required in view of its novel paddle .

Cooks more brilliant : If you want to eat fries or chunks it handle everything in exceptionally simple and convenient way

Also you can cause 2 dinners in 1 program and top of it you too get a free My ActiFry application contain 300 formula and a lot more .

Tefal has limit of 5.7 kg make him a bin like air fryer yet its is compact so no concerns

It accompanies aluminum body rather than plastic which make it more safe for you and for your family and it is BPA free.


  • Automatic blending paddle
  • The free My ActiFry application
  • Two meals in 1 go projects
  • Aluminium body
  • BPN free


  • No auto-shut off
  • Hard to clean

2.Ninja Foodie Max Electric

ninja air fryer